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“Chad” was born again in the summer of 1967. He was persuaded to go to a summer Bible Camp by promises of surfing, skiing, scuba diving and girls but no mention was made about 5 hours of Bible study daily.

For the first time, Chad heard the other side of the story concerning evolution, Bible accuracy, science and the Bible, Bible Prophecy and God’s simple plan of salvation. Then, in an auditorium with multiple T.V.’s Chad saw Moshe Dayan walk into Jerusalem and take control of the Temple site for the first time in 2,000 years. Chad became a believer!

Upon believing Chad was born again; sealed with the Holy Spirit; passed from death unto to life; became a child of God and a citizen of Heaven!

Within two weeks of believing, God relocated Chad to 4 blocks away from the Tampa Youth Ranch, the home of Dr. Hank Lindstrom.

Chad Trowell graduated from Plant High School in 1971 and attend Florida Bible College (FBC) for the next year. Later he earned an AA degree from Hillsborough Community College (HCC) in a Pre-Engineering curriculum. After beginning the college of engineering at U.S.F., Chad decided to open up a health food store. In 1984 Republic Health Foods Inc. was established. Chad spent the next 13 years studying the Bible and Life Extension Nutrition. Republic Health Foods was a ministry for spreading God’s word through the Health Food Store. In 1997 the business was sold with the intent of reopening in a new location but did not materialize this time. Chad’s Tree Service began and has supported the Trowell family until now. The “Blood Moon Tetrad” began appearing in the sky at Passover 2014. This is the second and final year of this unique arrangement of Blood Moons and Solar Eclipses on Jewish holy days. This Blood Moon Tetrad meets the description of the sign of Joel 2:31. It is this author’s desire to get this message to everyone as quickly as possible.

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