Table of Contents

1.0    Hear The God of Reason!

1.1       God Appeals to our reason

1.2       Biblical Creation makes sense

1.3       Biblical Faith is Not Blind!

1.4       God has always confirmed his word

1.5       Proof There is A God!

1.6       Sir Isaac Newton was a believer

1.7       The Bible claims over 3,000 times to be the Word of God!

1.8       Remarkable claims require remarkable evidence

1.9       More Remarkable Evidence

1.10    God calls people “brass headed and stiff necked

1.11    Erasmus Darwin, Occultism & Secret Societies

1.12    We have a limited perspective. God does not!

1.13    God Seeks Out and reveals himself to Everyone

1.14    If you have a question, Ask God

1.15    A Child Can Make An Appointment With God

1.16    You can have an Appointment with God

1.17    Everyone has sinned! Nobody is as righteous as God

1.18    Heaven is a perfect place. No sin can enter Heaven

1.19    Our Sin Separates us from God

1.20    Our best efforts and good works can’t help

1.21    You must be born again! (John 3:3)

1.22    Think of the Lake of Fire as a toxic waste dump for sin.

1.23    Change Your Mind about dead works!

1.24    You must “believe God’s Record!

1.25    Who is Jesus?

1.26    Jesus is God in flesh, our Creator & Savior! (John 1:1, & 14)

1.27    The Stage Is Set.

1.28    He is coming back!

1.29    “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye”

1.30    The 70th Week of Daniel Begins!

2       Scientists make mistakes but God never does!

2.1       God confirms the unseen with what we can see.

2.2       God reveals science before man had the knowledge

2.3       God declared the beginning and end of the Universe

2.4       “they all shall wax old as doth a garment”

2.5       The Bible has a verifiable record from the beginning

2.6       God left evidence of events recorded in scripture

2.7       The Geological nature of the earth, God said it first!

2.8       The Nature Of Our Universe, God Said It First!

2.9       The expanding Universe, God said it first!

2.10    The Bible speaks of other worlds, God said it first!

2.11    If you want to know the truth, God will get it to you

2.12    Newton believed in the literal interpretation of the Bible

2.13    Newton used the literal interpretation of the Bible

2.14    God confirms his word by declaring the future!

2.15    God said it first!

3       God said it first!

3.1       Why The Bible was written

3.2       Why this book was written.

3.3       “There shall come in the last days scoffers”

3.4       The Bible Demonstrates A knowledge of the Future

3.5       The Bible is the first to Mention Time Travel

3.6       Alexander “The Great” conquered Egypt in 332 B.C

3.7       Alexander, God’s Great Time-Stamp”!

3.8       May 14, 1948 was the beginning of the “Last Days”

3.9       The 70th Week of Daniel! (Tribulation!)

3.10    Ultimate Survival Guide

3.11    Jordan will escape the Antichrist

3.12    Siberia will survive Armageddon.

3.13    Armageddon, 1/3 rd. of Humanity Killed in an hour!

3.14    Another Holocaust is coming!

3.15    The stage is set.

3.16    7 Years of Tribulation! The 70th week of Daniel!

3.17    Jesus Returns!

3.18    About 30-50 Million survivors, worldwide!

4       Eternal Life, Can’t be earned & Can’t be Lost

4.1 It is a Gift, It’s FREE!

4.2 Eternal Life can’t be lost because it is Eternal

4.3 God’s righteousness is required, only one way

4.4 You can’t be saved if you are trying to be saved!

4.5 Jesus said… “You Must Be Born Again”!

4.6 Do it Now! Just Believe that Jesus paid it all

4.7 Don’t look for an outward sign or feeling.

4.8 God disciplines his children

4.9 Earn Eternal Rewards in Heaven

4.10 The Fruit of the Spirit is…

4.11 “The Fruit of the Righteous is a tree of life”

4.12 Many Believers will not bear fruit at all.

4.13“separated unto the gospel of God

5 We are living in a time of great deception.

5.1 Evil and corruption will grow worse and worse

5.2 Don’t look for a hero before Jesus.

5.3 Don’t be deceived by a false Peace broker

6 Lucifer Gets A Name Change

6.1 Cosmic History 101

6.2 Lucifer Led A Rebellion Against God.

6.3 Satan Is Still The “God Of This World”.

6.4 Ancient, underwater Structures Have Been Found

6.5 Hell was made for the “perps” of Lucifer’s’ War.

6.6 After the War,

6.7 Satan becomes jealous of Adam.

6.8 Satan’s fate announced about 6,000 years ago.

6.9 Satan’s Time is almost up and he knows it!

6.10 You must understand the Gospel to be saved!

6.11 you can’t be saved, If you are trying to be saved!

6.12 Satan is the master of lies, deception & betrayal

6.13 You need to change your mind

6.14 Satan Intensifies his war against God and mankind

6.15 Satan will be more dangerous than ever before

6.16 Christians will be beheaded during the Tribulation!

6.17 Confession is not necessary for salvation,

6.18 Christ returns At the end of the Tribulation.

7 Joe Atheist

7.1 God’s Creation confirms his word.

7.2 A wrong choice

7.3 Two wrong assumptions.

7.4 Evolutionists begin with wrong assumptions

7.5 Evolutionists begin with wrong assumptions

7.6 Satan blinds people’s minds with misinformation.

7.7 Looking for truth in all the wrong places.

7.8 Atheism is an emotional response to extreme stupidity

7.9 Evolution, the Big Lie of Free Masonry

7.10 The Piltdown Hoax. (Dawson), The First “Missing Link,”

8In the beginning God Created” everything except man

8.1 The first Hebrew word of the Bible…”re’shiyth”

8.2 In the beginning”, God was already there

8.3 “In the Beginning” is not the same as The First Day

8.4 The 2nd Hebrew word, announces the “Trinity”

8.5 The third and fourth Hebrew words …bara’ and ‘eth

8.6 The Original Creation

8.7 God Created the visible and the invisible, all at once

8.8 If you take this passage literally

8.9 “In the beginning” God Created Time

8.10 “In the beginning” all dimensions were Created.

8.11 “The Beginning” The point of origin of everything!

8.12 Biblical teachings imply other dimensions.

8.13  The speed of light is believed to be constant.

8.14 A beginning implies an end.

9 A Biblical Perspective Of Physics.

9.1 Peter, James And John Traveled Into The Future

9.2 Peter Said They “Were Eyewitnesses” Of Christ’s Return

9.3 Later On John Also Wrote About The Experience.

9.4 Satan Was Also A Time Traveler. (LUKE 4: 5)

9.5 Ezekiel Took A Trip Back In Time!

9.6 Time-Travel implies other dimensions.

9.7 An empty corridor between heaven and earth

9.8 Heaven is in the North! (Isaiah 14:13)

9.9 Who is the “congregation”?

9.10 The Bible says that God Created other worlds.

9.11 The god of This World rebelled against his Creator!

10 He Created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited”

10.1“Not in vain” means not like you see it in (Genesis 1:2)

10.2 God Created the Earth perfect and complete.

10.3 An ancient & advanced pre-human civilization, destroyed

10.4 God Judges Satan, his home The Earth is destroyed!

10.5 A time traveler’s view of the Earths destruction

10.6 God Gives full account of Time.

11 Jesus put a 2000 year Gap between 2 words.

11.1 Jesus, demonstrates how to rightly divide the word

11.2 The Youngsters Error verses God’s Gap Fact

12 A list of 7 things Created, “in the Beginning”

12.1 God uses David to describe … “the beginning”.

12.2 God commanded and 7 things were Created.

12.3 This list consists of everything except man.

12.4 God completed the Creation with one command

12.5 God also Created other worlds

12.6 God Created his hosts & angles at the same time.

12.7 No mention of the Creation of Man “in the beginning

13 Two Extraterrestrial species are mentioned.

13.1  We are not alone

13.2  God Created everything in the Beginning, except man.

13.3  The Hosts of God are not from the Earth.

13.4  If they’re not from Earth, They’re “Extraterrestrials”.

13.5  Cherubs are unlike anything that we have ever seen

13.6  Cherubim are members of the “hosts of God”.

13.7  Cherubs are mentioned as being near God’s throne.

13.8  Seraphim are some very strange-looking creatures.

13.9  The five “I will’s” of Lucifer. (Isa. 14:13)

13.10  Satan is cast to the ground

13.11  God destroyed Satan’s home, the Earth.

13.12  The Cretaceous–Paleogene Extinction Event

13.13  Satan is the “god of this world” from the beginning.

13.14  Satan masquerades as an Angel of Light

13.15  Our planet has a history.

13.16  Earth was first inhabited by Satan & his Angels.

14 Angelology 101; Myths & Facts.

14.1  The “first estate” of the Angels.

14.2  Angels are the original inhabitants of the Earth.

14.3  Angels attend to matters of the earth and Man.

14.4  Angel’s always appear as men & don’t have wings.

14.5  Sodomites recognized Angels as men and so did Lot.

14.6  God never called an Angel his “Son”. (Hebrews 1:5)

14.7  Angels don’t breed. (Matthew. 22:30)

14.8  The lady with an “Angel” collection.

14.9  Angels should not be sought after or prayed to

14.10  Angels will be judged by believers. (1Corinthians 6:3)

14.11  Satan deceived and coerced one third of the Angels

14.12  Satan is not an Angel of Light.

14.13  Satan is a Cherub.

14.14  Company is on its way!

15 Men… “willingly are ignorant of”… 3 things

15.1  “They willingly are ignorant of”… the Creation;

15.2  willingly are ignorant of the age of the universe”

15.3  “willingly are ignorant of” the history of the earth.

15.4  Lucifer lived on the Earth before man was Created.

15.5  Lucifer visited the “Mount of the Congregation”.

15.6  Lucifer plots conquering the Universe.

15.7  Lucifer wasn’t thinking right.

15.8  Lucifer, led a rebellion against God.

16 Lucifer’s War and the destruction of earth.

16.1  “Chicxulub”, evidence of a Catastrophic Event

16.2  The largest known asteroid to have struck the Earth

16.3  It struck the Earth about 65 million years ago.

16.4  The Bible describes this event. (Isaiah. 24:19-20)

16.5  Jeramiah traveled back in time and saw this event…

16.6  Chicxulub; local Mayan name for “tail of the devil

16.7  “Satan” means “adversary” or enemy of God.

16.8  The Earth remained in darkness and frozen until…

17  1st Flood. “the earth was without form, and void”

17.1  The Earth was not Created “without form and void

17.2  The Earth was judged, it becamewithout form and void

18 Six days of Restoration;

18.1  Day 1, Earth’s preparation for Man begins.

18.2  Day 2 The atmosphere is prepared for birds and man.

18.3  Day 3 begins! Dry land appears.

18.4  Day 4 begins! God clears the sky

18.5  Day 5 begins! The Creation of Birds and whales

18.6  Day 6 begins! air-breathing Land animals and Man

18.7  Day 7! God rests (Genesis2:2) (Exodus 20:11)

18.8  “Create” is not the same as “made”

19 The Fall of Man;

19.1  The First Human Institution.

19.2  God established Gender Roles

19.3  Eve Usurps the leadership role and is deceived

19.4  “Feminism” is the opposite of what the term implies.

19.5  Sin and death entered humanity through Adam’s sin.

19.6  Why did Adam sin?

19.7  God discusses Gender Roles again

19.8  God commands the Man.

19.9  God commands the woman.

19.10  God commands children.

19.11  Broken families in the End Times

19.12  Zipporah

19.13  The Gospel explained to the first couple. (Genesis 3:15)

19.14  Big Evidence that this meeting actually took place…

19.15  Adam believed

19.16  Eve believed

19.17  Abel believed God

19.18  Seth believed God

19.19  All dead went to Hades before the resurrection.

19.20  The hollow earth fact.

20 A population explosion before the 2nd Flood

20.1  Men lived about ten times longer before the flood.

20.2    Believers began to marry unbelievers

20.3  God never called an angle his son

20.4    Some Biblical terms used exclusively for Believers.

20.5  Some Biblical terms used exclusively for unbelievers.

20.6  Before Noah’s Flood Men lived about 900 years.

20.7  “There were giants in the earth in those days

20.8  The giants were there first.

20.9  Some interesting probabilities.

20.10    In conclusion…

20.11  Believers don’t always produce fruit

20.12    Enoch was Raptured before the Flood

21“Noah’s Flood”, The Second & Final Flood;  

21.1  When talking about “The Flood”…

21.2  After the flood, things were different.

21.3  After the flood, lifespan was reduced to 120 years.

22 Noah’s Ark

22.1  God commands Noah to build an ark.

22.2  Design Issues

22.3  Perfectly designed

22.4  How long did the ark have to float?

22.5  How big were the waves?

22.6  How big was the ark?

22.7  How many animals were in the arc?

22.8  The Ken Ham / Bill Nye Debate

22.9  My answer to Bill Nye

22.10  The passenger list of the ark

22.11  A new method of estimating numbers of species

22.12  After the flood God gives us a Heavenly sign.

22.13  A new environment requires adaption.

23 Atlantis, Pangaea & Peleg

23.1  Before Peleg, there was only one continent.

23.2  Man can accomplish anything he can imagine.

23.3  Before Peleg there was only one continent.

23.4  Pangaea

23.5  The Atlantis Myth.

24 God keeps his promises!

24.1  God made promises to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-7)

24.2  God promised Abraham a Savior

24.3  God promises to Bless those who Bless Israel

24.4  God promises Abraham land  (Genesis 12:6, 7)

24.5  God repeats the promise and says it is forever

24.6  God repeats the promises again. (Genesis 15:1-7)

24.7  God gives Abraham more land. (Genesis 15:18)

24.8  Abraham believes God and was declared righteous

24.9  “Abraham believed God,” (literally)

24.10  Just Faith!

24.11  God repeats his promises to Isaac and Jacob.

25 God entrusted his calendar to Israel

25.1  God’s calendar is Lunar / Solar

25.2  God defines how a day is counted

25.3  The Months of the Hebrew Calendar

26 Seven Signs for Israel. (Leviticus 23)

26.1  God gave Israel 7 “Feasts” to observe.

26.2  God promised signs

26.3  Passover (Pesach)

26.4  Unleavened Bread

26.5  First fruits (Leviticus 23:9-14)

26.6  Pentecost (Shavuot)

26.7  Rosh Hashanah, Tishri, New Year Feast of Trumpets

26.8  Atonement (Yom Kippur)

26.9  Tabernacles (Sukkot)

26.10  God promises more heavenly signs.

26.11  The Bible is literal, Jesus proves it

27 4 Spring Feasts, 4 Divine Appointments Kept

27.1  The 7 Feasts are divided into 2 groups,

27.2  The Spring feasts begin with Passover.

27.3  Passover , (Pesach),the First Spring Feast

27.4  The Passover week Prophesied in detail

27.5  Jesus is betrayed for “30 pieces of silver”

27.6  Hands and feet pierced; Lots cast, Garments parted

27.7  Unleavened Bread, the Second Spring Feast

27.8  First Fruits, (Sukkot) the Third Spring Feast

27.9  Pentecost, the 4th and last of the Spring Feasts

27.10  God confirms his word with prophecy and science

28 The Messiah was Promised & Prophesied to the day!

28.1  Daniel’s 69 weeks of years till the Messiah

28.2  Palm Sunday Prophesied to the very day!

28.3  The Bible is Literal & mathematically accurate

28.4  God Foretold His Rejection By Israel

29 Israel’s Rebellion & Punishment Prophesied to the day

29.1  God promised blessings if Israel Obeyed all the Law

29.2  God Promised a Curse if Israel did not Obey all the law

29.3  Israel’s’ disobedience & punishment foretold

29.4  After 490 years of disobedience, God judged Israel

29.5  The 70 years begin; (phase one)

29.6  ”I will set my face against you”. Ezekiel fills in the details

29.7  A 2500 year old 911 connection with Alah (Hebrew)

30 May 14, 1948, Israel’s punishment completed

30.1  God said “7 times more for your sins” (phase two)

30.2  The Identity of the true Israelites is confirmed by God

30.3  God confirms his word by doing to Israel as he said

30.4  The Bible is Literal, Mathematically & Historically Accurate

30.5  The 9th of Av, a day to remember Israel’s National tragedies

30.6  Israel would

30.7  On May 14, 1948 The “latter days” began

30.8  It is kind of like a love affair gone very bad

30.9  God said that Israel would be scattered and returned

31 7 Dispensations Mentioned in the Bible.

31.1  A Brief discussion about Dispensations

31.2  Here God talks about different times

31.3  The 1st dispensation; (Dispensation of Innocence)

31.4  The 2nd Dispensation; (Dispensation of conscience)

31.5  The 3rd Dispensation; (Human Government)

31.6  The 4th Dispensation: (dispensation of Promise)

31.7  The 5th dispensation; (Dispensation of Law)

31.8  The 6th Dispensation of Grace; (The Church Age)

31.9  The 7th dispensation; (Christ’s Millennial Kingdom)

31.10  Salvation in all Dispensations is by Just Faith

32 Distinguishing characteristics of the Church.

32.1  The Church was first described as future by Jesus

32.2  The Church is the betrothed bride of Christ

32.3  The Church is Baptized & Sealed by the Holy Spirit

32.4  How the Church began

32.5    Another name for “Dispensation of Grace”

32.6  The Church was a mystery, not revealed in past Ages

32.7  God prophesied that He would use Gentile Tongues

32.8  The Church replaced Israel for Many Days

32.9  “Many Days” equals 1,971.25 Roman years

32.10  God uses Gentiles to provoke Israel to jealousy

33 The end of the Church Age is near.

33.1  Jesus returned to heaven and said he will be back!

33.2    Revelation begins with a unique promise of blessings

33.3  Conditions for receiving the blessings of Revelation

34 God commands Believers to “watch”.

34.1  The sign of an evil servant

34.2  Believers are commanded to watch for his return

34.3  Can’t know the hour of the Rapture? Not so

34.4  If we know the hour & moment, why not the Day?

34.5  A Crown Of Righteousness… if you are watching

35 Scoffers Deny the promise of Jesus Return

35.1  Satan is at war against Gods promises & his people

35.2  Satan’s minions oppose God’s promises

35.3  Preterists teach that Christ returned in 70 AD

35.4  Peter, James & John saw 2,000 years into the future

35.5  Preterists confuse the parable of the fig tree

35.6  Preterists believe that Nero was the Antichrist

35.7  Preterists teach that we are in the Kingdom now

35.8  Preterists are sewing confusion

36 Feast of Trumpets declares “Day of the Lord”

36.1  Trumpets are associated with the Rapture

36.2  The Feast of Trumpets is the Biblical New Year

36.3  The Feast of Trumpets will mark the Rapture!

36.4  The Church Age ends & the Day of The Lord begins

36.5  The Day of the Lord begins with The Rapture

36.6  The Rapture was first revealed, A.D. 59

37 The Pretribulation Rapture Fact.

37.1  …”God is not the author of confusion”…

37.2  God evacuates believers before he judges the world!

37.3  Enoch, the first man Raptured, before the flood

37.4  “changed” is a term associated with the Rapture

37.5  “we which are alive and remain shall be caught up

37.6  2 things must happen before the Day of the LORD

37.7  The word “Rapture” was used since  4th century

37.8  Darby Did not invent the pre-tribulation Rapture

38 Rapture compared to the 2nd return of Christ

38.1  First some distinctions between the Church and Israel

38.2  The Rapture is about the Groom coming for his bride

38.3  At the Rapture, Jesus takes the Church to Heaven

38.4  distinctions between the Rapture & Christ’s 2nd Return

38.5  At the 2nd return, unbelievers are taken first

38.6  The Rapture is not mentioned in the book of Matthew

38.7  The Rapture is not mentioned in the book of Matthew

39 Who will be left behind?

39.1  False Brethren

39.2  God does not save those who are trying to be saved

39.3  Wolves in sheep’s clothing

39.4  Some Born again believers will be missed

40 What should we watch for?  

40.1  Jesus scolded the Pharisees for not watching

40.2  Israel would return in the “last days

40.3  There will be a famine for truth

40.4  False Prophets will be multiplied in the “last days

40.5  Jesus warned about deception in the “latter days”

40.6  God promised Signs in the Earth (Matthew 24)

40.7  Watching for the Antichrist and the False Prophet

40.8  “as a woman in travail”

40.9  God established the lights in the heavens as signs

40.10  God confirmed his last visit with signs in the heavens

40.11  God will use signs in the heavens again, maybe now

40.12  Biblical blood moon tetrads in history

40.13  The last Biblical blood moon tetrad

41 A Time of Evil, Deception, betrayal, Terror, & Genocide!

41.1  Deception

41.2  A Time Of Betrayal, Corruption And Evil

41.3  Evil will grow worse and worse

41.4  The Rise Of The Cults In These “Last Days”

41.5  The Deception and Hypocrisy of evolution

41.6  The origins of evolution

41.7  biological evolution defies rational thought

41.8  Deception by our leaders and news media

41.9  The “God Gene”

41.10  God The Stage Is Set

41.11  Possible methods of escape

42 The False Prophet.

42.1  The Roman Catholic False Prophet

42.2  The False Prophet will use miracles to deceive

42.3  The origins of the Roman Catholic Church

43 The rise of the “little horn”.

43.1  Babylonian origins of our countries symbols

43.2  The Layout of Washington D.C.

43.3  The Washington Monument

43.4  Statue of Liberty

43.5  The United Nations

43.6  God Declares the Antichrist

43.7  Political/Religious considerations… The Antichrist

43.8  The “Board of Governors”

43.9  The 7 year treaty

43.10  The 11th horn revealed

43.11  Seat number 666 in the European Parliament

44 The 10 Nation European Union (Daniel )

44.1  Nebuchadnezzar had a dream, Daniel interprets

44.2  The 5th world power will have internal conflict.

44.3  Daniel had a dream

44.4  The fourth beast is described with 10 horns

44.5  Sir Isaac Newton wrote about the 10 horns…

44.6  Sir Isaac Newton wrote about an 11th horn

44.7  An 11th horn is Identified

44.8  The Location of the Nation of the Antichrist

44.9  National Emblems

44.10  Lindstrom taught that the U.S. was the 11th horn

44.11  Dr. Lindstrom was an expert in Bible Prophecy

44.12  The little horn is the Antichrist and his host Nation

44.13  The little horn is referred to as Babylon

45 God’s “last days” message to the rulers of Israel

45.1  Before Tribulation, God uses Gentiles to warn Israel

45.2  God uses affliction to prepare his remnant

45.3  Conspiracy

45.4  Betrayal

45.5  Terror

45.6  Salvation is in the Name of Jesus!

46 Feast of Atonement Declares the 70th week

46.1  Jorden will be safe from the Antichrist

46.2  End Times Prophecies were not possible, Until NOW

46.3  God will Empower two men

46.4  Big water problems! Forests will dry up

46.5  The Euphrates & Nile rivers will dry up

46.6  Bodies of water all over the world are turning red

46.7  Bottomless pit?

46.8  Satan will empower two men

46.9  The 70th week of Daniel begins, Yom Kippur, sundown

47 “Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand!”

47.1  God uses fear to make men seek Him

47.2  Genocide! death tolls during the Tribulation

47.3  Genocide! death tolls during the Tribulation

47.4  The Jewish survival rate

47.5     Consider the number of surviving Jewish believers

47.6  The Believing Gentile survival rate

47.7  The Antichrist will hunt all Jewish & Gentile believers

48 God gets man’s attention!

48.1  28 judgments spread out over 7 years

48.2  First Seal, The White Horse, The Antichrist Revealed

48.3  Second seal: The Red Horse, War

48.4  Third Seal The Black Horse, pestilence

48.5  Fourth Seal The Pale Horse famine

48.6  Fifth Seal is the Abomination of Desolations

48.7  God’s  prophets are killed

48.8  Sixth Seal is Armageddon

48.9  Seventh Seal is the Second Return

48.10  Meanwhile, things are going on in Heaven

48.11  The Trumpet Judgements

48.12  Trumpet Judgement # 1

48.13    The Second Trumpet Judgement

48.14  Third Trumpet Judgement

48.15  Fourth Trumpet Judgement

48.16  The next 3 trumpet Judgements are called the 3 Woes

48.17  Fifth Trumpet Judgement (first woe)

48.18  Sixth Trumpet Judgement (second woe)

48.19  Seven Thunder Judgements

48.20  Seventh Trumpet Judgement. (The third Woe)

48.21  Seven Vial Judgements

48.22  The First Vial

48.23  The Second Vial

48.24  The Third Vial

48.25  The Fourth Vial

48.26  The Fifth Vial

48.27  The Sixth Vial

48.28  The Seventh Vial

49 A Brief Message to Putin;

49.1  The Bible talks about Russia First

49.2  Russia, it’s Leader & Armageddon

49.3  The Antichrist will take over the United States first.

49.4  Five Sixths Of Russia Will Be Destroyed

49.5  Siberia Will Survive

49.6  Jesus will separate the wheat from the Tares

50 Armageddon, the stage is almost set

50.1  “Beat your plowshares into swords”

50.2  Arms Race in Space

50.3  The Antichrist will be Cruel

50.4  Russia! A World Leader

50.5  All nations will be gathered against Israel

50.6  There are 4 different world alliances involved

50.7  The River Euphrates dries up for China to cross

50.8  important things to know about Armageddon

50.9  It is Important to know when Armageddon begins

50.10  Armageddon; 1/3rd of mankind killed in an hour!

50.11  N.A.S.A. is testing its Asteroid Redirect Program

51 The Lords return!

51.1  The Vatican owns a Telescope called L.U.C.I.F.E.R.

51.2  The new Jerusalem is seen as it approaches!

51.3  “Every Eye shall see him”!

51.4  The 2nd Return of Christ!

51.5  The 2nd return; unbelievers are taken & believers left

51.6  Jesus will destroy all unbelievers at his return.

52 The Great White Throne Judgement of the lost!

52.1  The first two to be cast into the Lake of Fire

53 Biblical Principles   

53.1  There is a principle for every occasion

53.2  The principle of Truth

53.3  The Word of God

53.4  The Principle of Opposites

54 Resources;

54.1  Trusted Sources of Information.

55 Notable Quotes… Recommended

55.1  Newton